The State Police Association of Massachusetts names a new president Tuesday after its second president resigned in less than a year.

The official sandwich spread of Massachusetts state troopers?
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added 

Massachusetts State Police union names yet another president.

Turnover at the top of the State Police Association of Massachusetts (“SPAM”) union local continues.

The just resigned head of SPAM took over as president of the union last October when his predecessor stepped down amid a federal investigation into the union’s activities and which later resulted in a number of federal indictments.

Early reports indicate that the new president is a reformer as opposed to SPAM filler. 

Then again, the same was said of the just resigned SPAM president.

Always – ALWAYS – follow the money
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In any event, next up at tonight’s scheduled SPAM meeting is an anticipated vote on whether – or not – the union is going to continue to cover the recently indicted former president’s legal bills in the wake of charges filled against him that he had long been embezzling union funds.

Public relations optics notwithstanding, Quincy Quarry News can readily fathom how union bylaws probably obligate that union dues are to be allocated to help defend a union member facing criminal charges filed by the new sheriff in town per basically an innocent until proven guilty rationale.

Post looking increasingly likely convictions, however, one can only also assume that then seeking the return of union funds is possible.


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