man-not-wanting-to-answer-phoneLocal points of contact – including the occasional disclosure of heretofore secret ones – within the city’s suspected to be purposely labyrinthine bureaucracy.
After all, certain North Quincy residents need jobs.
Q-Tipz also features ratings of individual city services departments as well as stories from citizens who have dared to go down their rabbit holes.




Mayor Thomas P. Koch:



Mayor Koch voguing with French Cuffs flying without cuff links
?A Koch for Koch Facebook image

Many politicians talk about rolling up their sleeves and getting to work, but only Quincy’s Mayor Thomas P. Koch takes the cufflinks out of his surely custom-made & French-cuffed shirts to vogue with construction workers.
Seriously, while Quincy Quarry suspects that Mayor Koch means well, such is also how the road to Perdition was paved.
But enough about Koch’s many as well as well-known shortcomings, Q-Tipz is all about offering suggestions on how best for Quincy residents to perhaps actually succeed in securing merely but basic standard local government services.
As has long been standard practice in Quincy except for a recent 6 year anomaly and precious few other times, a hierarchical model is the local patronage standard operating protocol.
For example, to secure Family & Friends Diamond Inner Circle expedited priority treatment during the Koch Interregnum, at least one of the following is required.

  • koch-park-statue

    A Koch Theme Park Statue
    A Quincy Quarry News Photo

Kool Aid Gold Club status requires abject as well as strict adherence to the following.

  • Drink massive quantities of Kool Aid on command, believe all they are told – however patently absurd – as well as attack any and all who question the nonsense so promulgated.
  • Provide the maximum allowed campaign donations each and every possible contribution cycle regardless of how meager one’s city paycheck might be.

For examples of Kool Aid Gold Club members, check out the list of City of Quincy hires since 2008 against Koch’s campaign fund reports – excluding those with teaching credentials seeking jobs as teachers as these individuals are hired independently of City Hall interference as well as must actually be duly qualified for hire.
Pothole Card status might be granted given perfect compliance with the following:

  • Be willing to litter their front yards with Koch campaign signs during election season as well as participate in campaign sign holding standouts on command.
  • Rumor has it that Pothole-plus status is provided to those who also keep pristine Koch bumper stickers on their cars.

Everyone else is road kill – and don’t ever forget that road kill only gets flatter.


Mailing Address:The Koch Imperial Suite, Quincy City Hall, 3rd Floor, 1305 Hancock St., Quincy 02169.
Email Address: [email protected] (not that he ever personally checks his email)
Phone: (617) 376-1990 (not that he ever returns any calls unless a caller is a serious dues paying Koch Club member).
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