Corrupt Massachusetts State Police union executive board members who voted to continue to pay disgraced former union President Dana Pullman’s legal fees.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

The seven state troopers who appear to have voted to pay for their former union head’s legal bills with union dues in spite of his allegedly stealing from the union have been outted

In yet another hard-hitting investigative journalism feature by Quincy Quarry’s media brethren which will most llikely not be duly awarded a Pulitzer Prize or at least an Investigative Reporters and Editors Award, Turtleboy Sports has exposéd who all on State Police Association of Massachusetts (“SPAM”) executive board probably voted last month to recommend continuing to cover the legal bills of their reigned in disgrace former union president and who is currently under indictment by federal authorities on charges related to all manner of misuses of union funds.

Under fire former police union boss
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As noted by the new union president, the former president’s legal bills going forward could run upwards of another million dollars on top of the near million dollars already spent on legal expenses tied to the payroll abuse scandal involving some state troopers and which federal prosecutors are still prosecuting alleged payroll abusing Massachusetts state troopers.

Fortunately, the executive board’s vote last month was but advisory as a quorum of union members were not present to make a final vote and thus the executive board’s recommendation is looking at a likely mulligan vote at next Wednesday’s SPAM meeting.

Needless to stay, count on Quincy Quarry to continue to monitor this tawdry affair and report back on it as might be appropriate.

Source: Here Are The 7 State Troopers Who Voted To Pay For Dana Pullman’s Legal Fees With Union Dudes Despite Stealing From The Union, Includes Trooper Convicted After Drinking And Driving

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