About Quincy Quarry

Development issues in Quincy persist, dog Mayor. (Photo www.quincyma.gov)

Development issues in Quincy persist, dog mayor
A City of Quincy file photo

About Quincy Quarry.

Beautiful City of Quincy, Massachusetts, a city with a rich political history, is affectionately known by many of its current locals as “The Q.”

After all, most residents long ago tired of having to explain why the City of Quincy that is in Massachusetts is pronounced “Qwin-ZEE.”

Quincy, Massachusetts, otherwise known as “The City of Presidents” – so what apparently for the fact that the homes of both John and John Quincy Adams were located in what was then called the Town of Braintree – is a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, home of the original Tea Party.

Does one of Quimby’s mayors like to feel pretty?
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So what also for the fact that Braintree was also then a veritable Tory bastion.

Regardless, we thus lay the foundation for our modern-day rebellious e-pamphleteering efforts in the Spirit of 1776.

Quincy Quarry (“QQ”) was started out of frustration over the alleged utter incompetence of its local municipal government, along with the seemingly constant stream of arguably absurd statements, dubious plans, goofs, gaffes and other silly proposals often emanating from Quincy City Hall as well as “occasionally” committed elsewhere around the Q by Quincy’s City Hall’s minions.

See no, hear no or say no evil
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Equally frustrating – and so motivating – is the lack of aggressiveness by local media to duly cover (or uncover) the many outrages in the Q.  Even worse is the fact that many of these affronts are easier to cover than the de rigueur car accident of the day on the 11 o’clock news, not to mention far easier to do than coming up with “fresh” coverage on this season’s hapless Red Sox.

The Boston Globe has all but abandoned Quincy as well as that both other regional as well as more local media would appear to have not endeavored much more than the occasional tepid efforts to get the bottom of the deep “quarry” of dubious deeds to be dug up in Quincy.

It makes one wonder.

“A City on the move”
An iconic Quincy Quarry image

For those not familiar with both New England and Quincy, Massachusetts, Quincy’s quarries were long the preferred source for the huge quantity of granite stone used in building the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, sections of Boston, as well as many other often historical structures up and down the East Coast.  Granite from Quincy thus became famous across the nation and stone cutting was thus once one of Quincy’s principal economic activities.

As a result, over the years Quincy quarries have claimed lives of teenagers as well as many others who have foolishly ventured into these seemingly bottomless pits.


A school for girls has beaten up on an old boys club
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

In particular, generations of Quincy City Fathers chiseled away by operating quarries grifted from Adams School & Temple Fund properties.

Today, however, many of Quincy quarries are massive and abandoned holes in the ground, flooded with water, often rife with assorted waste products of urban life and in some cases covered over with a former mayor’s golf course that was oh so profitably made possible by taking the tailings by another big hole in the ground, Boston’s Big Dig, otherwise known as America’s greatest highway robbery.

Apparently so as to maintain local visual continuity, abandoned holes in the ground have even been replicated in Quincy Center.

Cash preferred …
A Quincy Quarry meme

As such, Quincy Quarry is the perfect metaphor for how wasteful, incompetent and corrupt government has all too often become as well as that “chiseling” is still alive and well in the Q, albeit no longer upon stone.

At Quincy Quarry, words are our weapons. We employ time-honored ridicule, satire and mockery to shine light into dark places.  These methods are what many today refer to as “Snark” – or “Snarq” as we at the Quincy Quarry prefer to call it as well as that It is important to note that at least some of it will be news and information that may not be found elsewhere.

A Patrick Ronan/Patriot Ledger image

As such, even if the Quarry is often snarky, it will still so also be offering up stories as serious as – say – a federal indictment and followed by a conviction.

In the meantime, to keep you coming back for more, the Quarry hopes that its readers will find its humor, sarcasm and sardonic wit engaging.

We further hope that not only will you enjoy our efforts, but will also invite you to join us in our little “rebellion.”

As such, please do feel free to let us know what you think at Contact QQ

After all, it is “a free country.”

“Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own.” – Jonathan Swift

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