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Reporter typewriter | quincy newsQuincy Quarry truly believes in “Citizen Journalism” – the notion that regular people can often cover the news as well – if not better – as those who graduated from a certain journalism program at a certain Manhattan university.

For a dry and wonky treatise from a likely to be failed PhD dissertation on Citizen Journalism at said Manhattan university, see BORING.

QQ wants to hear from any and all who might have something of significance to say.

At the same time, some modest rules must be meet.  In no particular order, they include:

  • No libelous statements will be tolerated by QQ, specific federal statute waiver of liability for online forums for any libelous or profane comments posted on said forums notwithstanding.
  • No wild insulting of someone personally will be tolerated. Feel free to attack ideas at will, but the hurling accusations about the marital status of a target’s parents or other comparable irrelevant personal disses will be not tolerated.
  • Profane language will also not be tolerated, specific federal statute waiver of liability for online forums notwithstanding.  At the same time, the use of olde English and Yiddish invectives as well as at least some of the same from other languages are encouraged. Quincy Quarry will also consider allowing contextually appropriate use(s) of certain of the seven dirty words once banned by the FTC as noted in a bravura monologue of the late and great George Carlin.
  • Satire and its edgier sibling snark are welcome, if not also encouraged.
  • Citing readily verifiable facts from also reputable sources is always a good idea if one hopes to see one’s comments pass muster.
  • Stay on topic. A short trip on a tangent, especially if especially snarky, is likely to be allowed; however, traveling past Uranus will trigger a mission abort order by Mission Control.
  • The editorial decisions of Quincy Quarry’s are final.

See the Full List of Guidelines & Rules

| quincy newsAdditionally note that Quincy Quarry offers ALL contributors the option of anonymity.

The reason is not to allow people to throw rocks within impunity; rather, it is to enhance warranted paranoia within those who deserve public rebuke.

Quincy Quarry will also strive to protect the anonymity of those who ask for it up to the point of enduring waterboarding or other “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

At that same time, the Quarry will likely opt to agree with binding court orders ordering disclosure, subject to the advice of its friends at the ACLU.

Finally, while James Snowden and Julian Assange may – or may not be – technical advisers to Quincy Quarry, there is only so much that the Quarry’s e-firewalls can do to thwart the NSA and other determined hackers.

If still interested in contributing, please contact the Quarry at [email protected]


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