Quincy Quarry (“QQ”) trafficks in satire and poetical license. As such, if its readers are amused, offended or perhaps both at the same time, QQ will have so achieved two of its key goals.

For a fuller discussion of QQ’s goals, see its manifesto.

As is common with many established online media, the QQ probably should have formal Terms of Service maybe someday it will be able afford to spend serious money for such legal boilerplate. In the meanwhile, it presents this disclaimer.

What QQ can offer at this point is that the privacy of its readers and contributors is crucial to encourage the freest speech possible – so long as what is said is done so responsibly.

Privacy includes that QQ will not be directly collecting and then selling or otherwise providing information about its readers or contributors to third parties.

As such, QQ has nothing in place for it to directly reach out to its readership for such things such as data mining, “phishing” or other common online user-suffered carbuncles.

What entities such as Google or the National Security Agency may be doing in the background, however, can only be speculated.

QQ will also protect its readers or contributors’ privacy from outside parties unless lawfully ordered to do otherwise.

The prime reasons for QQ to endeavor to protect both its readers’ and contributors’ privacy are to facilitate the free exchange of free speech with as little fear of untoward retribution as possible while at the same time endeavoring to heighten the warranted paranoia of those so targeted.

After all, it is supposed to be a free country.

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