The new train cars are scheduled to be back next week, more than one week longer than the T had initially hoped.

Governor Charlie Baker and Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollock inspecting a new MBTA Orange Line car
A file photo

– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

New Orange Line train cars need more repairs.

As reported by Quincy Quarry last week, the handful of month-old new Orange Line train cars already delivered on a larger order of new cars to replace old ones had to be taken out of service last week as train doors on new cars were opening while they were underway.

Fortunately, the new Orange Line cars are still under warranty and were expected to be both repaired as well as returned to service by the start of the workweek this week.

Long suffering roof riders and strap hangesr
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Unfortunately for Orange Line strap hangers, more problems were found and at this point the MBTA’s new Orange Line cars are not “… expected to hit the tracks again until sometime next week.”

Needless to say, Quincy Quarry’s ever-growing legions of loyal readers can count on the Quarry to monitor the situation and report on the only to be expected next excuse as to why the MBTA’s new Orange line cars need even more repairs.

Worms on a train.  Real worms.
An excuse image

Source: More fixes keep new Orange Line trains off tracks

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