The T hopes to have the trains repaired and back in service by Monday.

Train control equipment destroyed by derailment
A file photo

– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Red Line fixed, new Orange Line train cars taken out of service.

The MBTA giveth and the MBTA taketh away.

This week the MBTA announced that all train control system equipment repairs needed given the Red Line train derailment last June at JFK station were completed and Red Line service should thus be back to its “usual” level of performance.

The MBTA’s excuse for Quincy Center
An excuse


Interior photo of new Orange Line car
A photo op photo

Adding insult to this long-ongoing injury, the T contemporaneously annouced that it had to take its new Orange line cars out of service after but a month in service given that (at least, ed) one of the new trains’ doors was opening while the train was underway.

So much for that new car smell …

Ghosts in the MBTA’s machines?
An excuse

The MBTA hopes to have the new Orange LIne train cars back in service by Monday after replacing a new part on all of them.

Source: New Orange Line Train Cars Taken Out Of Service For Door Problem

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