Even the salute to the Dancing Waters at the Bellagio in Las Vegas were barely spouting over the Fourth of July holiday weekend
A Quincy Quarry exclusive photo

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Quincy City Hall’s Fourth of July celebrations – what celebrations?

Given a comment posted on Quincy Quarry’s website by one of its ever-growing legions of loyal readers, Quincy Quarry’s City Editor dragged a Quarry report into the office during the Fourth of July holiday weekend to follow up on this dime.

In short, the Quarry reader’s complaints were that both of Quincy’s City Halls were bereft of any obvious Fourth of July decorations as well as that no Fourth of July special events notices were readily to be found on the city’s official website.

Quincy fire trucks holding up the flag on Flag Day
Image via the Quincy Sun

Granted, no one is questioning the Koch Maladministration’s love of the American flag as it recently hosted Quincy’s traditional Flag Day parade and fireworks display.

Even so, at least a little patriotic decoration on at least Old City Hall surely would be in order as well as easy to do as red, white and blue bunting was prominently hung on old City Hall last August during the gala dedication of Kim Jong Koch Plaza, née Hancock Adams Green. 

However, the bunting was MIA this past weekend.

Old CIty Hall decorated for last year’s dedication of Kim Jong Koch Plaza
A Quincy Quarry exclusive file photo

Further inexplicable is how with both a 15% increase in this fiscal year’s city budget for celebrations as well as this year’s new additional special Downtown Celebrations and Festivals $25,000 budget line item that the Koch Maladministration could not afford to buy some new bunting if someone had thoughtlessly thrown out the decorative bunting used last August. 

Plus, the maladministration could readily opt to leave the patriotic bunting on display from Flag Day until the Fourth of July and so score a fiduciarily prudent for a change twofer use of festive decorations.

Then again, fiduciary prudence with taxpayers’ money is not something for which the Koch Maladministration is known.

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