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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.


WBZ Channel 4 reports that Hancock Adams Green cost thirty-five million dollars.


While Founding Fathers John Hancock and John Adams took center stage at the dedication of the Hancock Adams Common in Quincy on Saturday, WBZ also reported that this latest Kochian edifice complex has cost $35 million.


The bells toll for thee
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Quincy Quarry, on the other hand, has conservatively projected a cost to date of somewhere in the $23 million to $25 million range with several to a handful of millions are projected to be needed to finish up the back of the Hancock Adams Common (better known as Kim Jong Koch Plaza, ed.) adjacent to the Quincy Center MBTA station might be redone. 


At present, however, the T has no funding for the redoing Quincy Center station and is on record as saying it will not be spending anymore of its money on station renovations on the Braintree Red line other than what has already been allocated.


Regardless, Quincy Quarry can image any number of ways how WBZ’s $35 million figure might be valid, if not also is a conservative projection of the final cost.. 


A City On The Move to Chapter 7?
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For starters, how essentially all major Koch Maladministration projects – other than local school construction which is carefully overseen by outside and independent construction experts – have typically run 50% to close to 100% over the maximum cost promised by Team Koch and/or failed to be completed anywhere close to when it promised they would be finished.


Conversely, the South Shore Broadsheet has repeatedly cited but the $15.7 million figure for but the cost of the recent Phase Two work on what is a projected three phase project to complete.


Always follow the money …
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In any event, it is only reasonable to note that Quincy Quarry’s projected cost range is not only smack in the middle, it has a solid rationale for its figure other than projected cost overruns.


That and the Quarry has reached out to both WBZ and the South Shore Broadsheet so as to secure a solid cost figure.

Source: Hancock Adams Common Dedication Draws Large Crowd In Quincy

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