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Howie Carr speaks about the latest hackarama scandal at the Registry of Motor Vehicles

In his usual fashion, the Boston Herald’s Howie Carr lays out his take on the latest scandal to hit the fan at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Unfortunately, Howie missed a few points, if not also nuggets.

Once a hack, always a hack?
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For example, how the hack at the center of this fatal fiasco is apparently related to another hack who at least all but assuredly had a role in seeing him score a no heavy-lifting six-figure gig at the Registry wherein he then failed to lift much of anything, damning relatively recent State Auditor audit notwithstanding.

That and how while discussing the pervasive hackarma in Quincy, Howie overlooked mentioning how Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch also set up busted out hack former State Treasurer and plead out to misdemeanor charges Tim Cahill to an also no heavy-lifting six figure gig as the President of the Quincy of Chamber of Commerce.

Also missed is how Mrs. Cahill’ wife enjoyed a serious pay raise when she rolled out of a low-paying job at a South Shore parochial school and into a high-paying gig at the City of Quincy’s foundering Quincy College around the time of as yet publicly addressed but widely enough rumored at least improprieties at the church school and which purportedly included a Koch clan member.

The former Little Buddy and The Skipper?
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Howie also failed to opine that Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s long ongoing bromance with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is surely all but over as things will surely continue to be hitting the fan in Quincy’s RMV offices for at least weeks, if not months, yet to come.

In fairness, however, Howie only has so many column inches as well as that there is thus only so much one can address about “A City Under The Influence” before incredulity kicks in among even his most rabid readers.

Source: In Baker’s far-reaching hackerama, always room for more …

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