<![CDATA[Parcourse Double boogey
In spite of surely considerable overtime paid out to date, the Thomas P. Koch Parcourse adjacent to Quincy High was not fully sodded by the end of September and thus now running at least a full month behind schedule.
Accordingly, both the sodding will continue as well as that the Koch Maladministration has continued to keep intact its record of never finishing any of its major initiatives on time and/or within budget.
Similarly, progress completing a new stone wall, benches and parking spaces – which Christopher Cassani, executive director of the city’s park and forestry department, said “should be mostly finished and open to the public in November” – is similarly looking to fail to be “. . . mostly finished and open . . . ” by when once projected.
Then again, who only knows what “mostly” means to the Koch Maladministration.

Parcourse Waffle Iron Section.Quincy Quarry News Photo

Parcourse Waffle Iron Section.
Quincy Quarry News Photo

Fortunately, there is a bright side to this latest running late and probably also over budget multimillion dollar Koch Maladministration project: the continuing delay in completion of the parcourse will surely assure that Mayor Koch will be wearing warm-ups instead of shorts when he makes the inaugural run through the parcourse during its sure to be gala par for the course dedication photo op.
Unfortunately, there is still no word on the rumored quote bids running well over even the usual running over expectations on the also rumored plans for the adjacent memorial parking lot memorial.]]>

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