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Quincy Fire Department brass after a successful response
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Quincy Quarry finally scores an exclusive “get” from a senior City of Quincy official!

A Quarry reporter working another story bumped in the Quincy Fire Department Chief and found him to be easy to chat up as well as refreshingly forthcoming, if not also genuinely likeable.

Among more miscellaneous odds and ends discussed, he was as only could be expected especially effusive about scoring a cherry used ladder firetruck from Wisconsin for short money to bridge things until a COVID-19 delayed delivery of a new ladder truck long on order is finally delivered at some point as yet still uncertain.

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Ready to roll!
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He was also as pumped about a used pumper obtained from the Harwich Fire Department as a kid who found something red and shiny under the tree on Christmas morning. 

And as for the exclusive information shared with the Quarry by the chief it was his unexpected disclosure that at least some of the recent spate of brush fires in mainly West Quincy and which includes much of the Blue Hills and the recently especially controversial Granite Links Golf Course are suspected to have been started by an arsonist or arsonists.

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“See something, say something …”
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Unclear, however, is why the Quincy Police Department has not issued an ask for the general public to be on the lookout and report any suspicions activity.

Then again, perhaps Chief Clouseau already has a suspect in mind or simply does not care to bother as he heads out the door next month with his retirement benefits so far still intact..

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