Ariel vogueing in front of the former Quincy Medical Center

“Oh Charlie Boy, this hack, this hack is calling …”
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News.

Governor Charlie Baker nominates Quincy city councillor for Clerk Magistrate lifetime appointment.

In an attempt to take advantage of a prime sweet time window to abuse so as to endeavor to slip a sure to be unpopular announcement between local elections and the long Veterans Day holiday weekend, Governor Charlie Baker announced the nomination of soon to be leaving office Quincy Ward Councillor Kirsten “Ariel” Hughes to a no heavy lifting and lifetime appointment as Clerk Magistrate of the small and short commute Stoughton District Courthouse.

Do yourself a favor and drop the mike
Image via the Lowell Sun

No word, however, if Ariel knows that this patronage appointment does not include a liberal expense account.

Source: Governor Charlie Baker nominates Quincy city councilor for clerk magistrate

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