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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Former Massachusetts GOP Chair and soon also to be former Quincy ward heeler bites her lip with investigators.

In a basically but featured letter to the editor of the Lowell Sun, a partisan Republican party apparatchik with a grudge unloads on Quincy’s own Kirsten “Ariel” Hughes.

The basic theme of this hit piece: nothing makes a hack clam up faster than an investigation and all of a sudden, the former chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party and former café singer is now practicing a new vocal skill: the sound of silence.

Former GOP chair Hughes is said to be defiantly refusing to cooperate with an administrative review and financial audit of the MassGOP initiated by the Republican State Committee.

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The impetus for the audit?  In the two years prior to her departure from the post of Chair of Republican State Committee, Hughes is said to have overseen a spending spree of epic proportions, squandering cash from party donors on fine dining, “free” parking, and as.well as.a variety of other questionable expenditures.

Allegedly, Hughes and her associates spent more than $100,000 for often fancy dinners, including more than $30,000 at the Capitol Grille, Morton’s, Abe & Louie’s, Del Frisco’s and other top steakhouses.

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Additionally, roughly $164,000 was spent on parking fees at the garage next to state party headquarters in Boston, and another $18,000 was dropped on more than a thousand Uber rides, among apparently even more outlays even though Republican candidates for office across the Commonwealth were scrambling for campaign funds.

No word, however, on how the petite Ariel could have possibly packed away so much fine dining.

That or if she knows that her nomination to be the next Clerk Magistrate at the no heavy lifting small and thus not exactly busy Stoughton District Courthouse does not include a fat expense account.

Mr. Congeniality …
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And as for trying to secure a comment from Hughes, following is what purportedly happened when Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr tried to call Hughes:  “The first time she hung up on me.  The second time I switched phones, she picked up again, heard my voice, yelled ‘Jesus Christ!’ and slammed the phone down.”

Source: Former MassGOP leader bites lip with investigators

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