Both Democratic contenders are using millions of dollars from previous campaigns, when they were more open to contributions from wealthy donors.

Tell me another story Pinocchio!
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with incisive commentary added.

Are Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders presidential bids ‘100% grassroots-funded’ as both candidates have claimed?

Senator Bernie Sanders claimed 100% grassroots funding of his campaign during a September Friday the 13th 2019 interview with Rolling Stone.

Similarly, Senator Elizabeth Warren made the same 100% grassroots-funded claim earlier this summer via a tweet.

The hard-working – if not overworked in recent years – fact checkers at the Washington Post, however, found otherwise.

Propping up Bernie
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Granted, there are arguably as many ways to count ten of millions of dollars as the total number of dollars; however, a fair review of the funding sources of Sanders’ campaign war chest would indicate that 60% grassroot-funded is a more reasonable figure per a perfectly reasonable and all-inclusive approach to counting.

Two Pinocchios
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As the Washington Post viewed 100% as a hard absolute statement, it hit Bernie with Two Pinocchios.

And per the Washington Post’s same approach to counting, Senator Warren’s grassroot-funded percentage was more on the order of only 48%. 

In turn, the Washington Post also gave Warren Two Pinocchios.

“Significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions”
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Quincy Quarry, however, views failing to hit even merely but 50% as sufficient to warrant sticking Warren with Three Pinocchios.

Source: Analysis | Are Warren and Sanders ‘100% grassroots-funded’?

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