People tend to have a natural aversion to those who make it all about themselves.  But wait, what if that person is you?

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Three signs you are the toxic person in your workplace and what to do about it.

Almost every workplace has at least one toxic employee.  You know the type — always negative, tends to bully others, distracts much of the team … the “bad apple” that ruins the barrel.  But what if someone were to tell you that you are that person?

Before you balk in denial, take a look at some of these common traits toxic employees tend to have.  If they remind you of someone who looks back at you in the mirror, there are steps you can take to rectify the situation — before your toxic tendencies ruin your career.

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1. You Make Everything About You.

This is something most people are guilty of at least once in their lives.  Everyone goes through tough times or phases where they desire more attention than usual.

Perhaps you are going through a bad breakup, you recently learned about a family member’s terminal illness or have insecurities about yourself and your talents at work. 

No matter the situation, these and other deep-seated feelings can manifest themselves into something negative at work — such as making the conversation about you.

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Next time you are involved in a group discussion at work or with your co-workers, make an effort to listen more and talk less.

Notice if you feel the desire to chime in only to steer the conversation back to you.

Instead of giving in to this tendency, ask someone else a question.

Give another person the floor for a while and so have a chance to shine.

Only make a situation or conversation be about you if it really is about you, or if it will add something of value to the discussion.

Otherwise, practice your listening skills and give someone else the spotlight for a change.

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Passive aggressiveness is a classic example of toxic behavior at work.

Passive-aggressive behaviors such as giving backhanded compliments, ignoring a co-worker, or purposefully excluding someone can taint the entire workplace.

If being passive-aggressive is a chronic behavior for you, it can be difficult to become aware of when you are doing it, and even harder to make needed changes.  As such, consider seeking out third party assistance.

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3. You’re Jealous of the Success of Others.

Jealousy is a common trait that can turn into toxic behavior at work.  This can be especially true if you also happen to be a brilliant employee at your job and so used to getting promotions, accolades, and pats on the back.

If a co-worker starts to get the attention instead, your jealous tendencies may show through in ways that make you a toxic presence in the office.

At the heart of jealousy lies insecurity.  Instead of being envious, share in your co-worker’s success, and recognize it as a step toward the greater goals of the company.  As such, better to redirect your jealous energy into something positive, challenging yourself to work harder.

Encouraging others at work who are toxic to change their dysfunctional ways, however, is a whole other as well as massive problem.

Source: 3 Signs You’re the Toxic Person in Your Workplace (and What to Do About It).

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