Outside of Thanksgiving weekend, a part of the system will be shut down every weekend between September 7 and the end of 2019.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

MBTA plans to shut down core sections of subway lines on fall weekends to make needed repairs.

The MBTA plans to completely shut down service on several of the system’s core subway lines on weekends this fall so as to speed the pace of repairs, reports the Boston broadsheet.

A Red Line subway car
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Downtown sections of the Red and Orange line will be impacted, as will some Green line branches, resulting at times as many as a half-dozen MBTA stations out of service over weekends starting in September and likely continuing into December.

The plan will be formally presented today during a regularly scheduled MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board public meeting.

The plan includes running bus shuttles to replace lost rail service.

Long suffering Strap hangers and roof riders
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The good news for Quincy weekend strap hangers is that they are well-accustomed to disruption given the long ongoing closing of the Wollaston Red Line station during its reconstruction, more recent and also still ongoing construction upheaval at both the North Quincy and Quincy Adams Red Line stations, still underway repair work as a result of the June Red Line derailment at the JFK Red Line station as well as from the somewhat recently concluded demolition disruption at the Quincy Center Red Line station.

The bad news is that locals are so also used to such disruption.

Facing media heat over his custom woven imported wool carpeting
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Quincy Quarry considered reaching out to longtime Quincy Mayor as well as somewhat longtime Chair of the MBTA Advisory Board Thomas P. Koch for comment, but figured why bother ending up ignored.

Source: MBTA plans to shut down core sections of subway lines on fall weekends for repairs – The Boston Globe

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