Transit officials told the Boston broadsheet it will likely not be until October before all repairs are completed to signals that were damaged when a Red Line train derailed in at JFK station..

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– News from elsewhere covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

MBTA announces that damage from June derailment will not be fixed until October.

This projection is later than original projections that the work would be completed by as early as around Labor Day.

The MBTA went with the time-honored practice of making this latest negative news announcement at the end of the week and as it has repeatedly done as this mess has played out as well as it has long done with its innumerable other messes..

Train wreck
A old Lévy and Sons photo

As Quincy Quarry readers will recall, the Quarry was arguably the first news media to pointedly point out that the MBTA’s recent announcement that a key repair would be completed by the middle of this month would only result in a middling reduction in the delays resulting from damage inflicted by the June derailment.

Then again, such was an easy call to make given that we’re talking the T even if essentially all other area media pretty much drank the Kool Aid.

Source: Damage From June Derailment Will Be Fixed By October, MBTA Says

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