What happens to the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes now that he has died of an apparent suicide?  Two former federal prosecutors weigh in.

Indicted perv after purported suicide
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Former federal prosecutors explain where the Epstein investigation will now likely go following his death as well as dismiss ‘far-fetched’ conspiracy theories.

With alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein now dead, both wingbat and moonbat conspiracy theorists have been trafficking all manner of theories as to what happened, including Quincy Quarry’s favorite that he died from asphyxiation via a silk scarf while engaging in kinky sex with Mrs. Peacock in the jail’s library during a conjugal visit.

Fake News and worse
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Whether or most likely unfortunately not conspiracy theorists will crash social media with their fanciful tales remains to be seen.

In the meanwhile, and however many do not care to listen, early reports from responsible media suggest that Epstein was taken taken off of suicide watch status as well as that overworked jailers were remiss in maintaining a standard thirty minute check of him. 

Even so, thirty minutes were likely more than long enough to successfully hang himself.

Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center
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Obvious questions and likely worse notwithstanding, the prison guards’ union was quick to note that the staff at the New York City Metropolitan Correctional Center’s have long been overburdened with high profile and even higher maintenance charges, ranging from a long as well as surely hyper nerve-raking stay by narco trafficker El Chapo during his recently completed trial to the still ongoing confinement of one-time President Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

And adding more fuel to the fire, the New York broadsheet contemporaneously rolled out a damning major piece which indicates Epstein and at least certain of his johns also engaged in money laundering.

As such, two former federal prosecutors opined that while Epstein is dead no matter what some conspiracy theorists have claimed, current federal authorities will most likely now endeavor to focus on pursuing charges against those whom the feds have credible evidence, be it over financial crimes, sex crimes or both.

And of particular worry to anyone who did anything untoward via Epstein, with Epstein now dead, any and all evidences seized via search warrants at his various properties now cannot be challenged in court as Epstein was the only person who could seek to see material so seized thrown out by a judge.

ALWAYS follow the money!
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At this point, Quincy Quarry suspects that financial abuse charges will likely be the primary criminal charges filed against both suspected and yet to be exposéd perps whereas civil damage claims will filed by victims against both Epstein’s estate as well as against his johns given the availability of sufficient evidence to pursue civil damages claim.

It ain’t over until it’s over …
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On the other hand, if Epstein’s purported vast video collection includes video of his johns cavorting with underage girls, one can only expect a stampede of pervs to the office of the federal Southern District of New York offices in the hope to be the first to offer up others in the hope of so securing a plead deal given that the first deal is all but invariably the best deal.

In any event, at this point Quincy Quarry views the current situation as essentially at but the top of the third inning in a double-header.

Source: Former federal prosecutors explain where the Epstein investigation goes now and dismiss ‘far-fetched’ conspiracy theories

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