Raining down on City Hall?
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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Irrational exuberance continues to hit the fan at City Hall.

Needless to say, Quincy Quarry’s ever-growing legions of loyal readers are well familiar with all manner of Koch and mirrors, false bravado, bogus spin and other nonsense foisted by the Koch Maladministration.

Even so, at last night City Council meeting, an unprecedented Daily Double dope slapping of Team Koch’s designated spinner left gobsmacked even the seen it all before and thus well beyond merely cynical Quincy Quarry reporter covering the meeting.

Follow the money
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For weeks Quincy Quarry has been aware of the underlying as well as latest Kochian grift to hide a $5.4 million spending increase in tax dollars spending from the current fiscal year and the fast approaching fiscal year which starts on the first of next month.

At the same time, the Quarry had its doubts that anyone else would spot this arguable accounting grift.

Money to burn, buring money – whatever
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While well into realm of serious, if not also arcane, inside baseball financial accounting legerdemain, at least some among the City Council were still able to fathom how the Koch Maladministration’s proposed creative financial accounting bookkeeping change would help camouflage its massive spending so as to enable Mayor Koch’s white whale edifice complex obsession of “A New Quincy Center.”

Let’s just say that it took a lot of effort to explain.

Going fishing
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In any event as well as in turn, as well as even more amazing, a couple of city councillors not only put a hold on the grift, these brave councillors also laid out a general framework as to what they might instead consider at least partially approving during the city council’s last meeting before it recesses for the summer on June 18.

Taking about cutting it close to the start of a new fiscal year while at the same time also slipping it to local taxpayers just as many start heading off for their own summer vacation.

Basically, the grift seeks to push $5.4 million in Quincy Center spending off the books to a second set of books.

It’s not like its my money …
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The $5.4 million in proposed spending includes $4.6 million in debt services, just short of $270,000 to fund three new hack hires and roughly $800,000 to fund this and that.

As to just what in the way of this and that, however, is not exactly all well-detailed, even in light of the long disgraceful financial opacity of the Koch Maladministration.

Additionally, if not more importantly, the proposed grift facilitates the illusion foisted by the Koch Maladministration that its proposed spending increase for FY 2020 is only $14 million when in fact per current accounting practices, the proposed spending increase is actually $19.4 million and thus a 6.3% increase from FY 2019 city spending.

Pinocchio Walkerbacker and “a special friend …”
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On the bright side, however, Quincy Quarry now has twelve days to exposé this latest Kochian grift.

And in the meanwhile, last night the Koch Maladministration spin-foister did not see that the fan was spinning before the Maladministration’s proposed accounting grift then hit the fan.

Needless to say, it was fun for the Quarry reporter to watch the slicing and dicing as well as is looking forward to the bloviating that is now all but certain to follow.

For example, does he still least believe that if he keeps shoveling it, enough people will swallow it.

Tell me another story Pinocchio, four of a kind – whatever
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A real Queen and a Whooper
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And speaking of fun to see, via London comes a picture of President Donald Trump’s state visit meeting with Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

At the same time, Quincy Quarry cannot help but opine that “we were not amused.”

Especially as President Trump was sure to be continuing to want it his way.

On the other hand, Quincy Quarry’s ever-growing legions of loyal readers probably will be amused.

Wicked so …

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