They are gonna need a larger dais for the debates.
A lot larger dais.
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Quincy Quarry rolls out its first candidates poll of the campaign season!

Granted, this Quincy Quarry poll is tied to the 2020 Democratic presidential primary elections next year instead of this year’s upcoming local elections; however, with the fix mostly already in with most of the local elections for this year, the Quarry figured why bother with conducting any 2019 local elections polling.

Getting out the vote
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There’s always room for one more …
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As such, so gives rise to Quarry’s polling question about the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination primary race: what do Quincy Quarry’s ever-growing legions of loyal readers think will be the eventual final number of announced Democratic presidential nomination contenders formally still in the running and actively campaigning on Halloween of this year?

At last report, depending on how one counts things, there are twenty-four contenders in the running or at least assumed to be planning to run.

 Take our Poll!


The deadline for casting your vote is July 30, 2019.

Place your bets!
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And for those who might to make thing interesting, Quincy Quarry is working with legal online touts so to provide an encrypted and secure link for all of the Quarry’s ever-growing legions of loyal readers to have a one-stop portal for all of their fantasy team “gaming” activities.

That and so grab a cut of the vig.

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