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Family seeks justice in former Quincy man’s death.


Relatives of Chris McCallum, who they say suffered fatal injuries when he tried to break up a fight outside a Squantum American Legion post just blocks from where he grew up and are thus looking for answers as they mourn the loss of a man they called a great father, coach and friend.


Justice should be properly provided
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“We want someone to be accountable,” McCallum’s brother-in-law Bill Doyle said.  “He was too nice a guy.   It was not just an accident; it was something done to him, and we are absolutely hoping for some sort of justice.”


Doyle said the family is “angry” about the circumstances of McCallum’s death, as well as waiting to hear more from state and local police.


To date, no arrests have been made in connection with McCallum’s death and police have been tight-lipped about what happened outside the Quincy bar where McCallum was found bleeding and unconscious at 1 a.m. Sunday.


QPD Chief Paul "The Beav" Keenan - a City of Quincy photo

No comment from QPD Chief Paul “The Beav” Keenan
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Granted, it is only proper that law enforcement authorities are tight-lipped about an ongoing and likely homicide investigation; however, per word on the street this matter is fraught with potential conflicts of interest. 


Specifically, the purported sucker puncher has family relationships with Quincy Police Department badge-carrying personnel as well as more then usual ties with criminal prosecution activities at the Quincy District Courthouse than is typical for a local police officer. 


In turn, if the purported sucker puncher is – in fact – the assailant and events are consistent with media coverage to date, Quincy Quarry must editorially insist that the investigation should be referred to another county’s District Attorney’s office as soon as possible for all manner of obvious conflicts of interest.


Quincy Police headquarters
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That and how the Quincy Police Department should taken off of the investigation team.


Granted, maybe the mostly silence from authorities to date is the result of just such a hand off underway as well as on top of the de rigueur no comment amidst a homicide investigation; however, at some point soon more information should be released. 


A lot more information.


Additionally, the Quarry must further note that word on the street is that there was no police detail at the event last weekend but which per a reasonable review of events would suggest was required. 


Accordingly, one can thus only wonder what the City of Quincy might do with the post’s liquor license given this apparent homicide; even if the post was rented out for the event, the post still has host responsibilities as well as may well also face at least shared civil wrongful death liability. 


Count on Quincy Quarry to have to stones to press to see that this matter sees proper public consideration and – as might be appropriate – sanctions duly incurred.

Source: Family seeks justice in former Quincy man’s death

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