Mayor Jasiel Correia II arranged in federal court
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News.


Turtleboy Sports reports that investors who lost money to Fall River mayor were bribing him.


A Turtleboy Sports reader and Citizen Journalist provided Turtleboy an exposé on how the investors who lost money to Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II were most likely bribing him so as to secure city contracts they never got. 


Taking in a little “adult entertainment”
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That and how they surely knew that his SnoOwl phone app was a cheap knockoff. 


The whole scenario exposéd makes for fascinating reading. 


In fact, this Citizen Journalist’s scenario is almost as fascinating as how the barely twenty-something Mayor Correia blew through several hundred thousand dollars


And for those who want more dirt, Turtleboy staff have already published not just one, not just two but rather three of its signature colorful language-filled exposés on Mayor Correia’s recent arrest.

Source: Reader Email: Investors Who Lost Money To Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia Were Bribing Him For City Contracts They Never Got, And They Knew His App Was A Cheap Knockoff 

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