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Charlie Baker remains nation’s most popular governor.


A poll found Baker, a Republican in arguably the bluest state in the country, has an approval rate of 69 percent, with just 17 percent of Massachusetts voters disapproving of the job he is doing.


With four months to go and facing a wingnut primary challenger and an all assuredly all but destitute Democratic challenger in November, it is hard to not see Charlie as a lock for reelection even if some try to use guest columns in the media to endeavor to spin otherwise.


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Further, this poll found that while a few Republican governors are among those with the lowest approval rating, all of the top ten rated governors are Republicans, including at least a couple in blue states.


Such, in turn bodes to be less than good news for Democrats as the nation approaches the 2018 midterm national elections.


Equally interesting are the potential implications for 2020.


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For example, demurs notwithstanding, Massachusetts United States Senator Elizabeth Warren is clearly gunning for running against President Trump in 2020.


But what happens – and is increasing seen as looking likely among those on Quincy Quarry’s political affairs desk – if moderate Republican Charlie Baker is reelected by a greater majority as well as more votes in November in the bluest state in the country than Democrat Warren and who is also up for reelection this year?


Needless to say, count on Quincy Quarry to monitor this possibility and report back as might be warranted.

Source: Poll: Charlie Baker remains nation’s most popular governor

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