Headquarters of defrocked nursing programs
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– News about Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.


Quincy College to reimburse some nursing students.


Quincy Quarry has known since last week that rebates were in the works.


In turn, yesterday per the request of Quincy College dropout but now the college’s (acting, ed.) “principal executive” Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch, the Quincy College Board of Governors authorized spending $4.5 million to reimburse students who have been put out by the termination of the college’s nursing programs.


“We have a moral obligation to deal with that,” said Mayor Koch as regards reimbursing tuition.


My father is spinning in his crypt
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“That and surely the impending rebating of tuition wasn’t motivated by concerns about the potential for litigation by students left in the lurch,” opined one sage local observer.


To date, however, Mayor Koch has not acknowledged any ownership of his not inconsiderable role in any of the many problems within the nursing program and which were first questioned by the state and concurrently reported in the South broadsheet seven years ago.


Quincy College dropout facing another close shave?
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Key among the concerns included the curious appointment of one of Mayor Koch’s sisters-in-law into a key position in the nursing program for which she was not duly qualified.


Contemporaneously, the college dramatically lowered the admission standards for its once selective acceptance nursing programs and which surely undermined the test scores of so accepted Quincy College nursing program students who subsequently took the state licensing exams.


Funding for the tuition rebates will come from the college’s $15 million reserve fund.


It’s not my money …
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Overall, however, the college faces roughly $30 million in unfunded pension and “Other Post Employment Benefits” and is thus – net of the impending tuition rebates – at least $15 million in the hole at this point.


In turn, local taxpayers would have to cover this shortfall – and probably millions more in other costs – if the college implodes and as is only reasonable to fear as non-nursing program students and prospective new students head elsewhere.


Raining on students dreams
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After all, 15 Massachusetts colleges have closed up in recent years and things do not look good going forward for other lesser small colleges.


As such, the Quarry as well as surely a growing numbers of locals are wondering if Quincy College will be the next local institution to go the way of Quincy Medical Center and the Wollaston Theater on Quincy College dropout Mayor Koch’s watch.



A City on the Move yet again hits the wall?
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Similarly, is Mayor Koch also going to run up even more local taxpayer-backed debt so as to yet again endeavor to cover his posterior?


Needless to say, expect Quincy Quarry to monitor events and report when deemed appropriate to do so.


Source: Quincy College to reimburse some nursing students  

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