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President Donald Trump already frustrated with Rudy Giuliani for not quelling Stormy and other dark clouds?


President Donald has yet again shaken up his legal team in recent weeks and rumor has it that he is still not happy.


Not happy …
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The recent shakeups of the president’s personal and White House legal teams have done little to calm things down amid escalating and as well as new questions about hush money payments.


The president has apparently been griping to certain associates that Rudy Giuliani, his new personal attorney, has failed to shut down the Stormy Daniels hush money saga.


Purported spanker and her spankee
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In particular, President Trump is said to have expressed frustration that Giuliani’s media appearances are raising more questions than they are answering and so turning the story into a days-long drama which was capped by Guiliani’s admission on Sunday that the president may have made similar payments to other women.


Then again – and as was noted in the Washington Post, “(i)f there’s one rule of thumb when it comes to the Stormy Daniels saga, it’s this: That which the Trump team won’t fully deny will probably turn out to be true.  It’s just happened too many times.”


Hell hath no fury …
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About the only legal affairs that have not been at least rumored are that so far the First Lady has not reached out for marital legal counsel to – say – enhance her long suspected pre-up agreement with the Donald or at least considerably up her allowance. 


Then again, it is still early in the week. 

Source: Trump grows frustrated with Giuliani as Stormy Daniels drama rages on

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