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Quincy High School’s expected to be named Koch Parcourse appears to not only be running months behind schedule, it now clearly appears that massive expanses of its turf have failed to flourish and so expired.
The long ongoing sodding at this project at just about every turn has utterly gobsmacked all manner of private construction and landscaping expertise who know better than to work for the City of Quincy.

Picture after latest sodding - this time with brown sod.  A Quincy Quarry News photo

Sodding with brown sod
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

For example, aggressively pouring concrete during the cold time of the year in New England at this construction site as well as inexplicably what appear to be plans to pour even more.
Similarly, no city official has offered any recent updates as when this running late project might perhaps possibly be completed.

At best is the long standing statement by Quincy Park & Forestry Executive Chris Cassani that “. . . the project – to include a new stone wall, benches and parking spaces – should be mostly finished and open to the public in November.”
Concrete work done in the winter? A Quincy Quarry News photo

Concrete in frozen ground
A Quincy Quarry News files photo

Now, however, February is fast approaching, not to mention that the anticipated parcourse is nowhere near close to completion.
As Cassani’s projections long ago become inoperative, one cannot help but also wonder if the cost of this latest running late Koch Maladministration project will comparably run as much over budget as it has already utterly failed to meet any of  various project phase completion dates going as far back as the oft-delayed demolition of old Quincy High School formerly on this site.
Quincy Quarry will – as it always does – continue to monitor this as well as all of the other ongoing mismanaged Koch Maladministration projects.


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