Do you know who I am? A Quincy Quarry News photo

Do you know who I am?
A Quincy Quarry News photo

– News about Quincy MA from Quincy Quarry News

Quincy residents continue to suffer from a lack of parking as well as merciless all male parking control meter men in meter-free Quincy Center, but City of Quincy employees continue to apparently be able to park wherever they want as documented by exclusive Quincy Quarry photos taken in front of the City Clerk’s office.

Quincy Quarry monitored the site of this latest City ride no parking parking violation; however, it was unable to wait around long enough to digitally secure an image of this latest city employee parking scofflaw.

Spanky's brand new Special Edition City rideA Quincy Quarry News file photo

Spanky’s brand new Special Edition City ride in parked in the driveway at this house.
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

Given the age of this also budget ride, it is safe to assume that this latest parking scofflaw is probably not a high ranking city hack as most high ranking local hacks now have at least near-new 7 passenger Special Edition Ford Explorers City rides.

Further, this city employee parking scofflaw cannot be DPW Commissioner Dan “Spanky” Raymondi as he recently traded in his now former modest – and so as to perhaps endeavor to downplay his massive pension grifting appointment as Commissioner – 2 door econo-box Ford Escort City ride for a brand new Special Edition Ford Fusion Hybrid City ride.

DPW Commissioner Dan "Spanky" Raymondi - a City of Quincy photo

Parking Czar Dan “Spanky” Raymondi
A City of Quincy photo

In typical Koch Maladministration misplanning, the commissioner’s new and extra cost hybrid was bought just as gasoline prices cratered to around $2 a gallon and where they are expected to stay for the foreseeable future given both sagging world demand for oil as well as considerable success with oil fracking extraction techniques to increase production in domestic oil fields.

In similar curious fashion, while Quincy’s meter men continue to wear Parking Control/Quincy Police Department patches on their police-officer similar uniforms, they were moved over to the Department of Public Works by the mayor at the start of FY 2015 and thus placed under Spanky’s direct control.

In turn, perhaps this latest inexplicable as well as most unorthodox reorganization by the Koch Maladministration at least partially explains why the offending DPW worker was not cited for this clear as well as obvious parking violation.

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