Low rail and construction work still underway?
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Quincy addressing potential safety concerns at the new Hancock parking garage?

During the course of Quincy Quarry’s ongoing monitoring of the still bumbling along opening of the City of Quincy’s new $46 million Hancock parking garage in Quincy Center, one of the Quarry’s recent exposés just may have given rise to city officials responding to how the garage’s top level safety barriers along its perimeter are arguably deficit in the wake of recent tragedies at Northeastern University’s multiple level parking garage.

Properly closed off upper level of Northeastern University’s multiple level parking garage
Image via KISS 108

At the same time, however, the upper level of Quincy’s Hancock garage was closed off with but orange cones instead of the robust barricading undertaken by Northeastern. 

Such, in turn, opens up at least a couple of alternative reasons for the closing off of the upper level of the new Hancock garage.

One is that construction work is still underway on the top level of the garage.

City workers doing what they are know for doing
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

And the other, given that the garage has continued to experience roughly at best a 50% utilization rate, perhaps city personnel are endeavoring to mitigate their cleaning efforts within the garage.

After all, the City of Quincy is the home of no heavy lifting hack hires.

Quincy Quarry considered reaching out to City Hall for comment, but yet again figured why bother wasting time left on hold.

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