No one knows what the future holds, but these pundits and politicians knew even less than the rest.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Worst Political Predictions of 2019.

While other media are largely filling the maw of needed video or column inches to present during the usually news sparse year end, Quincy Quarry goes its own way with reprising the worst political predictions of the past year which many among the media swallowed hook, line and sound bit as well as then all too often foisted upon a long suffering public.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day …
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All in all, is it any wonder why the media have polled lower than even politicians in public opinion polling and that Fake News is all too often finding unwarranted acceptance by all too many among the general public?

That and fueling the exponential growth of Quincy Quarry’s ever-growing legions of loyal readers.

In any event, Politico recently published a list of seventeen political predictions, including one that it published, which ended up in the dumper.

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In fairness, the Politico prediction – Republicans will break ranks with an increasingly erratic Trump – was only half wrong.

Will 2020 be fraught with similar nonsense?

Quincy Quarry suggests to not bet against it.

Read the complete list at: The Worst Political Predictions of 2019

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