New Quincy Center garage entrance
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Quincy Center new parking garage has a clearance problem.

The already did not open until at least six weeks behind schedule new Hancock Garage in Quincy Center has an obvious punch list shortcoming: its entrance way height limit warning for those seeking to park their rides in the new garage notes an 8 foot, two inch height limit, but then internal height warning bars note only seven foot, two inch clearance.

8′ 2″ clearance noted on the way in (left) but only 7′ 2″ once inside (right)
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In short, so much for seeing a basic thing done right on the $46 million project.

Needless to say, Quincy Quarry has tasked Quarry personnel to check for additional shortcomings in the new garage.

Quincy Center parking scofflaw
A Quincy Quarry file photo

For example, as Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch has announced that non-overnight parking except by those with around the clock parking allowed parking stickers will be free until January 6, 2020 in the new garage as a manner of Christmas gift to long suffering drivers looking for parking, the Quincy Quarry reporter who has been tasked to follow up will, among other things, endeavor to find out if the resources needed to impose parking fees are not yet ready to go.

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