The top 10 greatest campaign spending in this month’s local races included Fall River, Quincy, Revere, and Springfield.

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Which Massachusetts cities had the most expensive mayoral races in 2019?

In the top spot is Revere.

Mayor Arrigo topped statewide campaign spending by a single candidate by spending $329,593 on his successful campaign, with a combined total of $519,256.00 spent by Arrigo and his opponent in Revere’s hotly contested mayoral election.

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Next up in second place per preliminary tallies, the total spending by the two candidates in Brockton’s open seat mayoral election has been reported at $254,869.00.

And in the third place is Quincy, which has often been home to the most expensive mayoral races in Massachusetts outside of those in Boston, $238,165.00 was spent in its recent mayoral election.

At the same time, however, campaign spending in Quincy warrants clarification. 

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For example, the $238,165.00 cited as spent in Quincy was entirely spent by incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch in a race against a female challenger who spent bupkis on her campaign.

In turn, this level of spending by Mayor Koch makes him the second biggest spender after Revere’s Mayor Arrigo even if Koch was facing but a token protest candidate challenger. 

Then again, it is only fair to note that Koch only received a vote on less than sixty percent of the ballots pulled in this egg toss of a local election.

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Moreover, given Mayor Koch’s penchant for slow paying his campaign-related bills, Koch’s most recent official and mandatory campaign report that was filed late yesterday notes that he has laid out another $33,824.68 from his campaign fund.

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Accordingly, Koch now appears to have all by himself moved ahead of the total spent by both candidates in Brockton’s reported to be second most expensive mayoral race in Massachusetts this year even if for a change he (so far, ed.) concurrently continues to remain for a change as but the second biggest spender after the top spending Revere Mayor Arrigo.

After all, Quincy has long had the most free spending compliant mayor that his campaign fund contributors can fund.

Source: Which Massachusetts cities had the most expensive mayoral races in 2019?

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