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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Local lightweight clamming up in response to questioning.

While one of the current as well as actually also (physically, ed.) lightweight members of the Quincy City Council did not run for reelection last week and will thus be out of office come the first of year, don’t cry for her Quincy – she looks to be expecting to enjoy a happy landing in a no heavy lifting as well as well-paying patronage hack hire gig as the Clerk Magistrate of the small, sleepy, and conveniently nearby Stoughton District Courthouse.

The Rock Island Road Rock Lobster also has a new hack hire gig – Quincy Quarry coverage pending!
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After all, hack hire patronage happens, especially when the prospective hack hire’s woefully thin resume makes the appointee arguably unqualified even if for one of the least demanding but still better paying on top of lifetime hack hire appointments in the Commonwealth.

Small problem, however, this gift grift of an appointment has to be approved by the currently 100% Democratic party membership of the Governor’s Council and which has recently been pushing back on the more egregious hack hire nominations sent its way for consideration and possible approval.

Facing multiple tsunamis?
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Additionally problematic, on Ariel’s far right flank the now über right wing-controlled Republican State Committee is attacking her over her alleged penchant for fine dining on the party’s dime – upwards of a million dimes or thereabouts of Massachusetts State Republican party funds.

Who knew that she could put the feed bag?

The planned Edifice Complex erection
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Moving along to other fronts, yet another set of grifts looks to be well along to enactment: the latest proposed Kochian Edifice Complex erection – a palatial new public safety headquarters to be primarily under the control of one of Quincy Mayor Koch’s brothers-in-law who work for the City of Quincy, Quincy Police Chief Paul “The Beav” Keenan.

Granted, the current Quincy Police Department headquarters has been overdue for replacement for decades and Quincy Quarry endorses doing so.

Benjamins – a whole lot of benjamins
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What is planned, however, is over the top.  Way over the top.

How over the top?  For starters, ponder the koched-up $32 million but down payment funding ask by Mayor Koch for mostly just land takings – primarily from a childhood friend – at premium de facto eminent domain prices, covering further design work, and undertaking preliminary site prep work.

Going up in flames?
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The mayor did not provide even but a glint of a hint as to what will be the final total project cost of this latest erection even if a reasonable range of cost projections could be readily provided at this point,

Accordingly, Quincy Quarry reached out to its expert construction advisors and who have advised the Quarry to expect upwards of a $100 million dollar final cost – and probably even more if all of the related costs that will be needed to relocate all manner of other current operations to also brand new facilities are duly included in the all costs inclusive final cost.

But what’s a potential upwards of as much as another hundred large in bond debt funded spending on top of $475 million and still growing by leaps and bounds face levels of municipal debt obligations from the long time and arguable homeostatic level of no more than a couple hundred million or thereabouts.

“Drink the Koch Aid”
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After all, our peerless mayor has repeatedly stated on record that with interest rates so low that he can’t afford not to run up his city of Quincy charge card outstanding balance.

Plus, as must be noted, paying off the balance is ultimately local taxpayers’ obligation, not his.

In other words, other peoples’ money.

Many hundreds of millions of dollars of other people’s money.

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