RMV employees acknowledged a long practice of ignoring important out-of-state license suspension notifications in a 2011 email.

Photo of crash scene that triggered the scandal at the Registry
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Registry of Motor Vehicles employees aware of failures to address out of state traffic violations ‘adds to frustration’ lawmaker says.

For decades, various Registry personnel have been aware of a variety of failures by the RMV to duly address out of state dangerous driving citations by Massachusetts residents.

RMV employees acknowledged an ongoing practice of largely ignoring out-of-state traffic citations slapped on  Massachusetts drivers in a 2011 email thread which was but a small part of a million page core dump dumped upon the legislature Joint Transportation Committee and the outside auditor retained by Governor Baker.

Quincy Registry office
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The key reason for ignoring what many would view a a critically important Registry function, Quincy-based Registry personnel instead viewed doing so it as too much work at what would appear to have long been a no heavy lifting patronage hack hire haven. 

Then again, such is an all too typical view held by both state and local public employees working in Quincy.  In turn, one can only assume that either there is something in the local water or that these employees figure they were safe to lay low while doing little in Quincy.

And even worse in 2004 when the recently resigned in disgrace Registrar of the Registry was its chief of staff, she noted in a memo that the Registry had long ignored the possibility of joining a forty-six states and District of Columbia traffic citation information-sharing compact since at least as back as the 1980’s.

Net/net, Quincy Quarry would suggest that this mess is only in around the top of the third inning.

Source: RMV employees aware of failures ‘adds to frustration,’ lawmaker says

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