Quincy Center landmark building
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Quincy landmark retailer relocating out of landmark location.

Fortunately, this many decades in operation Quincy Center retailer which has long suffered from the long but so far slow as well as but so-so coming of “A New Quincy Center” will only be moving but a block away to Presidents Place.

“A City on the Move” suffering irregularity?
An iconic Quincy Quarry News file photo

Unfortunately, it will be to an inside arcade location and thus be losing its many decades long landmark as well as de facto billboard of a storefront location at one of the prime intersections in Quincy Center, if not also most any intersection anywhere in all of Quincy.

As such, Quincy Quarry would like to hope that this longtime Quincy Center retailer’s reputation for excellent, friendly and knowledgeable customer service will help it to both retain its current customers as well as enjoy new ones care of word of mouth.

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