Jasiel F. Correia II shook down businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars in return for his support, federal prosecutors said on Friday.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Fall River Mayor Jasiel F. Correia II, no stranger to scandal, has now been charged with taking bribes from marijuana dealers.

“Giving Tree agreed to pay Correia $150,000, but ended up paying only $60,000 to $77,550 in cash and marijuana.”

How big a deal was Mayor Jasiel Correria II’s second arrest in less than a year on various as well as serious federal felony charges? 

It rated featured coverage in the New York broadsheet.

Even so, Quincy Quarry’s media brethren at Turtleboy Sports have yet again offered up the best coverage on how Correia scored over $600,000 from prospective legal marijuana dealers via a bogus money laundering investment scam in not just one but two incisive exposés.

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After all, living large at “gentlemen’s clubs” is not cheap.

Perhaps even more serious, however, was how Turtleboy’s coverage not only well-detailed Corrieia’s scammings, its use of expletives was both surprisingly minimal as well as for the most part contextually appropriate.

Source: Fall River Mayor, No Stranger to Scandal, Is Charged With Taking Bribes From Marijuana Vendors

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