Quincy residents are livid over the City of Quincy’s on the down low final approval of  FedEx opening up a distribution center adjacent to Marina Bay and so adding considerable traffic to already-congested North Quincy streets.

Things hit the fan for a grifting City Hall on the Move
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– News from elsewhere covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Quincy City Hall blasted over down low final approval of high traffic FedEx distribution facility in North Quincy.

Quincy residents are livid over the City of Quincy quietly providing its final approval of FedEx’s plans to open up a ground distribution facility adjacent to Marina Bay and so greatly add considerable vehicular track to already hard-pressed Quincy streets.

For a change, Quincy Quarry has little to add to this latest shell game grift by the Koch Maladministration.

Long Island and a bridge pier
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The reason for this rare instance of Quincy Quarry quiescence: a local well-known gadfly has yet again offered up in the South Shore broadsheet both comprehensive as well as well-warranted criticisms of the Koch Maladministration’s blatant hypocrisy.in this matter.

Specifically, how the maladministration is contemporaneously fighting hammer and tong against another nearby project planned by the City of Boston which Boston is doing duly pursuing to seek approval of its plans by both the book as well as publicly so as to but establish less than its former level of traffic through Quincy so as to access its property on Long Island and which is located within the City of Boston.

Source: Neighbor blasts city’s handling of North Quincy distribution center

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