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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: All Quiet on the Registry of Motor Vehicles front.

After a hot start on Monday, and as Quincy Quarry at least generally predicted, the state legislature’s Joint Transportation Committee’s quick as well as woefully premature call for a hearing on the various hot messes at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles hit the fan when this blatantly contrived photo opp of a hearing was adjourned shortly after it was called to order.

See, hear and speak bupkis
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The key reasons: three requested witnesses would not be appearing – and probably at least partially on the advice of their respective private legal counsel – and those who did appear conveyed that they were limited to what they could address given ongoing investigations.

Granted, the public deserves answers; however, as problems at the Registry of Motor Vehicles are continuing to be exposéd, how can comprehensive answers be secured when the list of questions that should be asked is still growing given that outside investigators are continuing to investigate?

Taking names, numbers and no prisoners
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Plus, so far there has yet to be a referral to the feds, not to mention that the feds play for keeps – just ask the City of Quincy’s now former double and sometimes triple dipper as well as an ever-growing number of Massachusetts state troopers.

Then again, given that the Registry of Motor Vehicles has long been a haven for hack hires for the friends and associates of most anyone with juice on Beacon Hill – including members of the state legislature, better for those with obvious potential exposure to endeavor to preemptively set the narrative such that the cancerous reality of hack hires is obscured.

Under fire Norfolk County boyos club member
A Braintree Town Council member file photo

For example, how the head of the Registry’s under fire and Quincy-based Merit Ratings Board is a Norfolk County political boyos club member and his lieutenant is surely but coincidentally one of Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s sisters.

Also note that the Registry is a revenue center for the state government and thus a haven for larding up with hack hires.

Granted, while not the cornucopia that is the Massachusetts State Lottery, the Registry has extensive operations throughout the state and thus has plenty of room to hide deadwood in need of a place to pig out at the public trough.

The fatal of all too many Massachusetts tax dollars

In the meanwhile, however, Quincy Quarry has had to assign staff to cover both the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s and the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles’ headquarters, only to have no new breaking badly bad news © hit the fan for the past couple of days. 

But not to worry: Quincy Quarry has a at least general, if not in fact solid  understanding of what next to expect. 

Likely outcome
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Granted, while not everyone deserving to be going down the trap door will be so terminated, those who do lose their overpaid sinecures will strike fear in at least some of the remaining dry rot for awhile, even if but for a likely short while.

In the meanwhile, Quincy Quarry ever-growing legions of loyal readers need to remember that good things are sure to be enjoyed by those who patiently wait.

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