Massachusetts lawmakers are hoping to learn more about problems at the Registry of Motor Vehicles exposed in the wake of a crash that killed seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire.

Massachusetts State House
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added

Massachusetts State Legislature sets hearing on Registry of Motor Vehicles failings’ tied to crash that killed seven.

The Massachusetts Sate Legislature’s joint Committee on Transportation has scheduled a hearing on Monday to look into the grave shortcomings at the Registry of Motor Vehicles Quincy-based Merit Ratings Board.

Disorder in the Great and General Court
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Unfortunately, Quincy Quarry cannot note what time the hearing will begin, much less where it will be held, as the Quarry could not find any listing of the purported hearing on the Massachusetts State Legislature’s website.

Then again, given that the various as well as many alleged shortcomings of the Merit Ratings Board already reported as well as others yet known by Quincy Quarry are still under investigation by outside investigators, most key malefactors are most likely not going to be offering up comment per the advise of their respective personal legal council.

Under fire head of the Registry’s Merit Rattings Board
A Braintree City Council mug shot.

In particular, Quincy Quarry doubts that neither the likely patronage hack hire head of the Merit Ratings nor his senior aide who surely but coincidentally is Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s sister will be subject to an inquisition by Joint Transportation Committee member.

Then again, scheduling the meeting long before comprehensive information is gathered is a standard practice by those who regularly seek to find patronage appointments for all manner of people now need to themselves protect their own posteriors.

Source: Hearing To Review RMV Lapses Exposed By Crash That Killed 7

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