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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: post Fourth of July wrap!

Long holiday weekend of chilling for many notwithstanding, things continue to heat up at the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Quincy-based Merit Ratings Board unit.

Heated up as in thermonuclear hot as well as not likely to cool anytime soon.

We don't see, hear or speak bupkis ...<br/>A Dreamworks/Univeral Pictures image

We don’t see, hear or speak bupkis
An Illumination Entertainment/Universal Pictures image

While a de facto gag order is surely in place, one can only also assume that Merit Ratings Board personnel were actually pressed into doing their jobs last week.

After all, over 800 long overdue driver license suspensions were quickly as well as finally imposed last week after outside personnel arrived at the scene of long ignored vehicular crimes to see that paperwork notifications long ago stuffed in bins and then squirreled away in a storage room were finally processed.

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At the same time, per unofficial channels, even more outside visitors will be hitting the Merit Ratings Board in the coming weeks, if not months, to take names, numbers and no prisoners.

Fortunately for those who would like to see warranted sanctions imposed for a change,federal investigators are likely to soon be investigating what all went wrong.  

After all, federal funding is provided to the Registry and fed money comes with binding strings attached, if not also especially so when such funds are less than duly spent.

Troop E got two in the hat

Even better, federal investigators are already well-experienced in the ways of the Commonwealth after laying waste to double dippers at the Massachusetts State Police Department after first warming up by taking down a triple dipper formerly with the Quincy Police Department.

Unknown at this time, however, is if the well-paid patronage favor hack hires running the Merit Ratings Board unit and who surely but coincidentally have various familial ties to Quincy Mayor Koch are still on the job –  or at least are still collecting paychecks while out on paid administrative leaves and so able to maintain their taxpayer-funded standards of living while awaiting their only to be expected new gigs at the halfway house for busted out hacks that is the City of Quincy.

Federal funding strings ready to go …
An old photo

Either way, surely their careers as no heavy lifting but still well-paid hack hires at the Registry are already all but assuredly at least soon to be twisting in the wind.

Or at least should be.

Even so, there is some good news locally as regards public safety.

Not only did the Fourth of July fireworks go off without a glitch on Houghs Neck, unlike the wildfire-plagued City of Quincy Flag Day fireworks displays in recent years, Quincy Police Department Captains Barney and Doogie safely played with fire while grilling burgers so as to fed city personnel working the Houghs Neck event.

Needless to say, Quincy Fire Department personnel were on DEFCON One alert status while Barney and Doogie were playing with fire as well as over the whole of the long Fourth of July holiday weekend.

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