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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Rubber stamps busted!

Quincy Quarry’s latest hard-hitting below the belt to the stones exposé has exposéd how the Koch Maladministration has expanded its rubber stamping of things to include bouncing its rejections of Public Records requests.

In turn, as well as needless to say, the Public Records unit of the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office then typically bounces Quincy’s prophylactic denials back to the Koch Maladministration as overturned.

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And as for other good news from Beacon Hill, the state legislature is moving forward legislation to ban the use of a handheld cellphone while operating a motor vehicle.

Needless to say, Quincy Quarry is not going to hold its breath until this legislation is actually enacted into law AND then police enforcement of same is sufficiently robust.

That and Hades freezing.

And on national political level, Quincy Quarry has rolled out its first poll of 2019 on the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

Feel free to vote early and often!

After all, such and more have long been the real “Quincy Way” of doing things in the Q.

Getting out the vote!
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