Wicked expensive parking garage to replace paid for parking lot.

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– News about Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.


Quincy city councilors only properly question Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s $61 million municipal debt authorization request reports the South Shore broadsheet.


A mattress Mary?

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After years, if not many years, of being as easy as a high school mattress Mary, the Quincy City Council is finally questioning Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch as regards his latest eight figure ask to increase his City of Quincy charge card limit so that he can then continue to pursue his long-ongoing quixotic as well as expensive quest to see his dreams of a New Quincy Center perhaps actually happen.


Special interests

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That and continue to hand out tens of millions in incentives and fat checks to both favored locally-based developers as well as generous campaign fund contributors.


At the same time, however, it is only fair to note that the City Council has not formally asked for– much less has Mayor Koch proffered –  an accounting of his maladministration’s actual spendings of the $121 million or more correctly closer to $130 million via the mayor’s City of Quincy charge card.


Friends, Romans, taxpayers, suckers …

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And as for thoughtful and sound analysis of the myriad of problems with Mayor Koch’s edifice complex, be sure to review the pithy comments posted to the broadsheet’s coverage by a well-known and every increasingly well-regarded local and so-called gadfly.


Source: Quincy city councilors question $61 million bond request

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