Financially prudent Governor Baker
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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.


Governor Charlie Baker unveiled his $42.7 billion budget 2020 proposal on Wednesday.


Governor Baker’s budget proposal includes a plan to overhaul the state’s 25-year-old education funding formula which critics contend shortchanges less affluent school districts.


House of Tax and Spend Blues
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While critics were quick to hurl all manner of brickbats at the governor’s budget proposal, Quincy Quarry appears to be alone in pointing out that Governor Baker has presented a but 1.5% spending increase proposal and which – in turn – may reflect how the state budget continues to be mired in structural deficit status.


Look out below!
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Additionally, perhaps Governor Baker may also be taking into consideration the fact that so far tax revenue receipts for this year have lagged behind projections.


That and perhaps how the governor may also be factoring in how the domestic – if not also international – economy is looking to at least cool a bit as the partial federal government shutdown continues as well as a brewing international trade war looks to be throwing water on the international production.

Source: Baker unveils $42.7B budget with education funding overhaul

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