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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: The more things change, the more they really don’t …

In turn, such makes things easy for Quincy Quarry – if not also wicked easy – to actually recycle things in ways which are actually valid reuses, unlike the Koch Maladministration which just – well – dumps things.

A meme via Facebook.

For example, on Monday United States Senator Elizabeth Warren finally officially announced her wicked long-expected plans to pursue the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.
So what if a Monday New Year’s Eve daytime announcement is about the worst imaginable day in the annual news cycle to roll out such an ambitious political announcement.

Then again, she did hand out beers later.

Even so, not only did generally negative media coverage follow Warren’s announcement, previously the Boston broadsheet published a negative opinion piece calling for her to forgo a run for the White House and instead focus on becoming the best senator she can be and so (actually, ed.) take care of the interests of Massachusetts residents.

A satisfied Bank of Kremlin customer?
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And for more entirely to be expected news, Quincy Quarry covered Foreign Policy;s publication of an extended and looking to be legitimate detailing of how foreign and looking to be largely Russian money bailed out Citizen Trump after he crapped out with his casinos in mostly Atlantic City over twenty-six years ago.
Like such was any big surprise.

Half-staff, half-assed – whatever …
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And looking locally for more of the same old/same old, Quincy Quarry rolled out its third expose of a Q-up by the Koch Maladministration in a week to finish up a 2018 full of snafus with what appears to have been a breathtaking as well as inexcusable gaffe, if not also a disrespectful diss.
In turn, such only baits wonderings as to what’s next in the way of Q-up’s in the Q.
Be afraid.  Be very afraid.
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