Mess with a former FBI Director at one’s peril
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“Red alert time” – Trump’s personal attorney now calling for Special Council Robert Mueller to be fired.


This is the first time a member of President Trump’s legal team has publicly called for the Russia investigation to be shut down.  


John Dowd, President Donald Trump’s personal defense lawyer, initially said he was making the statement in his official capacity as Trump’s attorney and representative, but later walked it back.


Not getting his way …
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Even so, Dowd still feels it is time for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to shutter special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, according to The Daily Beast.


In spite of unrelenting criticism from the White House on the course of the investigation into Russia’s election interference, however, this past Monday Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offered unqualified support for special counsel Robert Mueller.


“The special counsel is not an unguided missile,” said Rosenstein in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY. “I don’t believe there is any justification at this point for terminating the special counsel.”


Moscow on line two
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Dowd’s comment came following reports this week that Mueller has subpoenaed the Trump Organization for documents related to its business dealings, including its push to build a Trump Tower in Moscow at the height of the presidential election.


Felix Sater, a Russian-born businessman and one of the individuals involved in the deal, said Friday that at the time the Trump Organization was actively negotiating with VTB Bank, a sanctioned Russian bank to secure financing for the building.


Can you do anything about that loan?
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VTB was initially added to the United States Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Nationals List in July of 2014.


This action froze VTB assets in United States as well as restricted United States citizens and companies from doing business with VTB or its subsidiaries.


The Treasury Department subsequently imposed additional sanctions on VTB in December of 2015.



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Added former federal prosecutor Patrick Cotter today, Dowd’s statement could be “an unintentional ‘tell’ that the Mueller investigation is getting close to sensitive evidence of a crime.”


“If I were Mueller I would be encouraged by the statement,” Cotter said.


“Targets always squeal louder when the investigators get closer to the truth.”


“It doesn’t look good …”
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Source: ‘Red alert time’: Trump’s personal attorney is now calling for Robert Mueller to be fired

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