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“You need the feds” for Massachusetts public corruption cases says new US Attorney.


Public corruption cases remain a priority for federal prosecutors in Massachusetts per recently appointed US Attorney Andrew Lelling.


Key reasons include that state law enforcement could be better; after all, Massachusetts is – well – Massachusetts.


No more police Harleys for you
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For example, last spring the feds successfully convicted the Quincy Police Department’s now former double and sometimes even triple dipper.


In a recent sit-down with reporters, Andrew Lelling, the recently named US Attorney for Massachusetts, was asked about federal prosecutors taking on public corruption cases.


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“In contrast to say, drug cases or fraud cases, public corruption cases you need the feds because sometimes it’s extremely difficult for state or local level prosecutors to do those cases,” said Lelling.


“There could be conflicts of interests, there could be relationships that are too close for comfort, they’re extremely resource-intensive.”


“You need the feds to do them.”


No more doughnuts for you
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Lelling’s comments came as prosecutors in his office pursue separate cases against two Boston City Hall aides and former State Senator Brian “Mr. Coffee” Joyce, a Democrat from Milton, who allegedly used his position to enrich himself, including getting hundreds of pounds of free Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.


Joyce and the city hall aides have pleaded not guilty.


Needless to say, all manner of other public officials across the Commonwealth are not enjoying good nights’ sleep these days.

Source: ‘You need the feds’ for Massachusetts public corruption cases, US Attorney Andrew Lelling says

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