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Quincy High School is Quincy Turkey Bowl Turkey Team of the Year.

On a crisp and cloudy fall day perfect for football, two far from perfect high school football teams faced off in the eighty-fourth annual Thanksgiving Day game at Quincy’s Veterans Stadium.

Designated home team North Quincy came into the game with a one and nine record whereas Quincy High had a perfect zero and ten record.

The game opened with a most inauspicious opening series. 

On the very first play after the opening kick off, North Quincy High was called for an illegal chop block and so penalized 15 yards.

The Turkey Bowl Queens and KingsA Quincy Quarry News exclusive photo

The Turkey Bowl Queens and Kings
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive photo

Then on the second play of the game, Quincy High returned the favor when it was called for a defensive offside penalty and so making the third straight attempt to complete the first play of the game a first and twenty to go situation.

Futility continued as both teams failed to effectively move the ball early in the game.

Fortunately for North Quincy, a fumble recovery by North gave it the ball deep within the Red Zone and North eventually scored a touchdown.

Lead notwithstanding, at the end of the first quarter North had failed to make a first down as well as had a net of minus four yards in offense.

Quincy High, on the other hand, at least had positive yardage as well as made a few first downs.  Very few.

Then in the second quarter and after starting to move the ball with plausible degree of effectiveness, Quincy eventually scored a touchdown.

Unfortunately, its two point conversion attempt failed as the receiver first appeared to catch a pass in back of the end zone, only to drop the ball after a helmet on helmet hit by a North Quincy defender.


The band played on …
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive photo

The game continued close with score of a seven to six until late in the second quarter when North scored another touchdown, only to be called for a personal foul for celebration and then missing a long point after touchdown kick.

Given no further scoring in the first half, the second half thus opened with North having scored thirteen points but Quincy with only six.

The second half opened with lackluster play as well as various penalties, with plays staying mostly occurring in mid-field until well into the fourth quarter.


Turkey of a trophy
A michelleeverst.wordpress.com image

Late in the game, however, Quincy starting stringing together some successful plays, especially with its passing game, only to see North intercept the ball deep in its own territory.

North could not, however, close the deal on this possession by running out the clock as Quincy recovered control of the ball courtesy of a fumble. 

With less than a minute on the clock at this point, Quincy once again strung together some plays and was threatening to score in the final seconds of the game, only to see the final play of the game go for naught.

As such, Quincy finished its season 0 and 11 and thus is arguable the biggest loser of any mid-sized and larger South of Boston high school football team this year.

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