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Quincy Center planning but a game?

Courtesy of Quincy Quarry’s sources both high but mostly low, the Quarry has been dimed from the inside of the belly of the beast that is City Hall as to what City of Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch is apparently using to plan the still-evolving plans for a New Quincy Center:  Sim City 2000™

Additionally, Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s rumored platform for the planning of a New Quincy Center is thus apparently a 2001 vintage design Gameboy Advance™ model of the long discontinued Game Boy™ series.

Robert Moses wannabe but a gamer?
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At first, both the Quincy Quarry technology and online games news desks were aghast over Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s rumored use of such obsolescent, if not also primitive technology.

After all, probably not even Nintendo can upgrade the actually released way back in 1994 Sim City 2000™ to the many upgrades later current release version of Sim City.

Then, however, the following advantages of using such old gaming technology became obvious.


Playing games with Quincy Center?
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Key is the skill level of the user – or, to be more accurate in this instance, lack thereof.

There are also other advantages of going old school.

One is that a Game Bay™ is extremely portable. 

That and vintage Game Boy Advance™ model Game Boys can be had for short money on Amazon and eBay if the mayor’s Game Boy is ever broken or lost.

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Money talks, especially in the Q
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Additionally, given its relatively minimal complexity, Sim City 2000™ is able to readily as well as quickly recast plans for Quincy Center given requested waivers and favors as soon as the all but de rigueur campaign contribution checks from – say – the Fourth National Bank of Kiev clear.

Security is probably also at least decent. 

For example, a Game Boy Advance™ does not maintain an open link to the Internet and it would thus be impossible to remotely hack the assumed to be but single Game Boy used by Mayor Koch.

Additionally, probably precious few remember how to use ancient Sim City 2000™ release software on the also ancient Gameboy Advance™ Game Boy.

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“What, me worry?”©
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Other benefits include that the ancient Sim City 2000™ release legacy software running on the also ancient Game Boy Advance™ model of Game Boy™ does not produce cost projections, much less produce anything that can be (readily, ed.) downloaded.

Plus, given both the write-over design and volatile nature of most Game Boys’ memory, only the most current game played is stored as well as will disappear given the loss of battery power.

This, in turn, provides the Koch Maladministration with at least an opening argument to foist so as to endeavor to reject any Freedom of Information requests for Public Documents relating to its latest plans for Quincy Center.


A City on the Move is gamed?
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At the same time, the far more pressing problem remains:  producing a truly viable plan for an actually also economically viable as well as at least somewhat safer New Quincy Center.

After all, given the long ago spotted by Quincy Quarry signs that demand for higher-end cost multi-unit residential housing – the all but sole plan for redeveloping Quincy Center at this point – was starting to peter out is now also becoming obvious to most. 

Further now also obvious is the fact that a considerable increase in supply continues to grow both locally as well as nationally.

In fact, so obvious has become this economic trend that it has even been covered by the South Shore Broadsheet

As such, one can only reasonably suspect that at least Quincy Center might find itself Q’ed until the next real estate development cycle.

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