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Quincy Quarry takes over Worcester Wired and is seeking to hire a few brave media types, preferably those assault-trained.
In a move that will double the local market reach of Quincy Quarry’s fast growing news media empire, the Quarry’s parent company Über Omnimedia Worldwide® has taken over Worcester Wired.


At least Worcester has a hint of a skyline
A Worcester stock file photo

Heading west to Wustah yields a perfect fit.
As is the case in Quincy, Worcester’s local demographics are below those of the key averages for the Greater Boston metropolitan area, both cities are facing arguably out of control drug abuse problems as well as both of their city centers have long been in near ruin after long suffering all manner of failed redevelopment plans.
Old Quincy Hospital Stock Photo

RIP Quincy Hospital
An old Quincy Hospital stock photo

Additionally, Worcester, MA has two comprehensive care hospitals whereas Quincy currently has none.
That and Worcester’s less than impressive local broadsheet is owned by the same parent company that owns Quincy Quarry’s also less than cutting edge competing South Shore broadsheet.
Further pluses include that Worcester’s two universities and six colleges have has roughly 36,000 college students whereas Quincy only has roughly 6,000 students in total enrolled at its one small college and the mostly part-time students at its junior college.

Seeking chum and chumps in the water
A Über Omnimedia sharkskin suit

Über Omnimedia Worldwide® suits thus expect that its new Worcester Wired unit will enjoy a surfeit of eager as well as talented college interns to choose from who are also willing to work for little more than coffee and bagels as they seek out both local chumps as well as chum in the waters of Worcester.
The Über alles goal is to make Worcester Wired the Number One ranked by Google source for News About Worcester Massachusetts should be readily accomplished as was done by Quincy Quarry news as well as in short order when it comes to being first when it comes to News About Quincy.
As such, the very first step undertaken at Worcester Wired by Über Omnimedia Worldwide® suits was a ruthless housecleaning as is typical in media takeovers.
In turn, the new management at Worcester Wired is thus now seeking snarqy talent to help make Worcester Wired the Number One ranked by Google source for News about Worcester.
Given the cutting edge e-media style of Quincy Quarry, current college students interested in social media and media marketing as well as those with some level of experience with same are viable candidates.

Über alles Über Omnimedia Worldwide® shock and awe
A mato48.blogspot.com image

Also note that positions at both Worcester and Quincy currently need filling as well as more openings are expected to open up over time as Über Omnimedia Worldwide® continues to shock and awe its timid media brethren with its cutting new wave news coverage.
Interested parties should submit emails of their interest care of [email protected] including some mention of both why they are interested as well as provide some sense of their snarqy potential.
As for stipends, expect typical starving student internship wages enhanced with considerable experience and resume fluffing potential.
On the bright side, prospective applicants should ponder the value of potential stock options should Quincy Quarry and Worcester Wired’s parent company Über Omnimedia Worldwide ® opt to go public with an Initial Public Offering.
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